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07 February 2009 @ 06:23 pm
Thank you to everybody who nominated our stories.

A Symbol of Ownership by rotpunkt  and helena_s_renn 
Battle of eyes by rotpunkt  and helena_s_renn Thank you to everybody who votes for them in advance, too!

I apologise I have not been on LJ for a longer time - I have massive private problems. Wish me luck! 

14 December 2008 @ 10:24 am

Message to citizens of Germany:
I have recently been doing interviews in an effort to promote the new Vicente Amorim movie "Good", a movie our film-making team is proud of, and in which I am proud play a German. It has come to my attention that, when I spoke about realising I had certain prejudices about Germans and their spoken language as I was preparing the role of the professor, 'Halder', it was not always reported that I admitted this in order to explain that playing the part had helped me get past these stupid prejudices of mine. There is always the risk that one's statements will be misconstrued when not reported in their entirety. If the partial reports of what I spoke about have in any way offended Germans or anyone else, I am very sorry. Hopefully, Germans and anyone else interested in this matter will avail themselves of the complete record.
Viggo Mortensen.

I really really hope this extraordinary movie will make it to German Cinemas. It would be such a shame if it can't be seen in Germany.

13 November 2008 @ 12:52 am

govi20 's thought-provoking drabble Safeword AND the very interesting, very different interpretations of this drabble have been published in Mein heimliches Auge. You can find more information in govi20</lj> 's LJ here.

12 November 2008 @ 10:31 am

Thanks to everybody involved, and to everybody who voted for my story Marks ! It means a lot to me because Marks is one of my absolute favourite stories.
Also, I'm especially pleased to see so many participants and so many different award-winning authors. It's frustrating if you find always the same names winning in every category in an award competition, and that's really different here. THANKS!
01 November 2008 @ 08:56 am

In a report from the 'Tribute to Viggo Mortensen' event in Rome I read that Viggo chose two of the examples of his works by himself - the two LoTR scenes. I was happy to notice he had chosen the very best scene of the whole trilogy (in my eyes): the Death Scene of Boromir.
But more than that. Viggo talked about how supporting Sean was, how well he did ... And he said he missed Sean when he was gone.
I need to hear him saying that! Please, if anybody on my flist knows a link to a video or audio file .... 
17 August 2008 @ 01:04 pm
This morning I felt in the mood to recall my slash reading history - which authors I read at which stage and what an effect the stories had on me.  I wrote it down like it came to my mind - will not have it beta-ed, since it's just a personal entry - and now I think I like to post it, even though I'm not quite ready with it (but need a break). So, if you're not mentioned, doesn't mean I didn't read and like your stories. Already now I can think of some more stories and writers that influenced me in various regards and don't appear in this 'slash-reading bio' yet. I didn't link to LJ users and stories because LJ currently mixes all the text up when I do so. But if someone is interested in certain links I'll provide them for you.  

My slash reading history ...Collapse )
24 July 2008 @ 03:48 pm
Title: More Surprises
Author: rotpunkt and thevixenne
Pairing: Viggo/Sean  
Rating: R 
Warning: Sex, sweat and sarcasm.
Disclaimer: I don’t know these men but I’m pretty sure they’re used to women fantasizing about them. 
Important Note: This is going to be a bit frustrating, but  it's meant to be. Many of you will know of my constant trouble with the German site fanfiction.de, where half of my stories (posted in their NC 17 section, with warnings and all) got banned because they were classified as PWPs.  After several fruitless email discussions and a letter to all mods (no answer), we now consider to post this story chapter as a parable, like the fables in former centuries with which authors critisized the upper class and their rulers in more or less 'hidden' ways.  (The chapter is meant  as a sequel to my stories Surprises, but you'll easily understand it without knowing that one).  We changed the name of the fanfiction site for this story, because it refers to all sites with this kind of rules. 
I have not yet posted the German version of the chapter on ff.de and I'd like to hear your opinion first. Do you think I should? Does it make sense to try and show the absurdity of their policy in this way, or should I rather not  post it?  Do you have any suggestions for changes/ additional ideas?

Personal note: Just back from the USA, will have to catch up with my flist ...!

03 July 2008 @ 10:12 am
Hee - had breakfast with 'The Sacramento Bee' on my table and on the second page there was an article mentioning Viggo :). I don't have a scanner here, but there's a similar article in the net:
Nice start for the day to read news about him!
02 July 2008 @ 12:06 pm
I'm in Sacramento - I'm going to canoe down a river in canyon land with my sister in law and her husband!
One of the last things I did at home was checking out the photo's of Viggo's exhibition in Reykjavik at their homepage. I couldn't believe some were still available, and for very moderate prices! My absolute favourite wasn't among them, but two or three others I liked a lot, too. One of them is North country 40 - and I bought it!
You can see it here:
(it is number 26; my favourite photo was Nr 11, Kerteminde 3, which is one of the most 'joyful' photos for me)
North Country 40 is not yet delivered to my place, but when I come home again, it will probably be there waiting for me!

I already have Viggo's book Skovbo, which contains some of the photos of the exhibition, and I liked it best from all his photo books so far. The main theme of his photo art too me always was the "Vanitas"-motive: the beauty of the moment like the impressionist artists used to celebrate it with reflexions of light, blurred colours and 'cut-off'-compositions, combined with mourning over the loss of each single beautiful moment, like baroque painters expressed it, with dead animals, faded stains, broken things in puddles. In his latest photos he brings out both aspects even stronger, with deliberate 'flaws' in the photos, which sometimes look like the film was 'damaged', exposed to the influence of the elements, or taken under stress, in pain, or sometimes in delirious happiness and joy, too.
I very much like how the photos are presented in 'Skovbo" - Viggo always left a 'cut-off' stripe of the next photo or the last photo on the same page, like photos look when the photo shop fucks the film up :). The brutal black lines which seperate a beautiful, sometimes almost 'romantic' photo and the incomplete 'beginning' of the next 'moment' emphasise again and even more merciless how fast the beautiful moment is lost and destroyed and we are thrown into the next experience, not knowing what will come.

The photo I bought fascinates me because the old romantic theme of the sunset I perceive as dramatically beautiful, melancholic and uncanny here. I always was attracted to the double meaning of the red-black colour contrast, which carries an 'aggressive' and an 'erotic' message.

My publishing philosophy part 1

My publishing philosophy part 2

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My publishing philosophy part 4
Another argument against publishing original slash emphasises the importance of intertextuality. For a number of slash fans intertextuality is a basic requirement. They like their slash stories and characters embedded within the specific context of a fandom and personally they prefer to stay within a subcultural community without pursuing an active exchange with the “official” culture and market. In other words, if you strip a slash story of its insider hints and obvious relatedness to the source text or the real persons it refers to – like we do and like it has to be done in order to get a story ready for publishing – you take away the main attraction and charms of a slash story for them.